Real Estate

KlickOwn is the ultimate crowd investing platform for blockchain-based investments in real estate. Invest in European real estate with no fees, fully digital and accessible for everyone. Start from €10 and receive up to 7% return on your investments.
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Up to 7% return
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and receive €10
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Projects: Germany & Europe
Asset Class: Security Token
Investors: Individual & Corporate
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Democratising Real Estate

• Invest in selected properties via the blockchain.
• Profit from an attractive return on your investment.
• Enjoy full flexibility and instantly trade your tokens.
KlickOwn invites everyone to participate in the first blockchain-based real estate investment opportunity. Simply Sign up and invest in selected European properties. Every investor will receive interest payments and profit from the increase in value of the property. The best thing: Your investment is not locked or bound to your name, is therefore completely liquid and can be sold at any given time.

No Banks

Your funds are accessible and securely stored in your personal wallet.


KlickOwn provides investment opportunities in European real estate via the blockchain.


KlickOwn "democratises" real estate and transforms an illiquid market to a liquid market.

Invest with EUR, BTC & Co.

KlickOwn allows investors to invest with EUR and cryptocurrencies (such as BTC, ETH, etc.).
Real Estate

Benefit From Blockchain

Take advantage of the benefits of blockchain:
Our innovative platform allows you to take advantage of the blockchain by investing in digital shares, which are linked to particular real estate projects. The digital shares represent an investment contract tight to an underlying asset, in our case selected real estate investment opportunities. The convenient investment process allows you to invest within few minutes. Your investment is always accessible via your personal digital wallet.
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How It Works: A Beginner's Guide
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Refer Your Fiends And Earn When They Invest

KlickOwn does not just offer investors great returns, but also allows you to earn commissions for every friend who invests. The KlickOwn affiliate program is one of the most lucrative ones in the industry. Help us to introduce KlickOwn to the world by sharing your personal link. Earn up to 5% of the investment amount your friends invest with KlickOwn.
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