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KlickOwn enables everyone to invest completely digitally and barrier-free in top-tier European properties. Invest without fees, starting from a minimum investment of €10 and secure up to 7% return on your investment. With KlickOwn you benefit from maximum transparency, security, and flexibility. The future of real estate investment awaits you!
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Historical Lüneburg
21335 Lüneburg (Germany)
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3 months


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Digital Real Estate Investing

• Invest fully digitally in hand-picked real estate.
• Profit from an attractive return on your investment.
• Enjoy full flexibility and instantly trade your digital assets.
For most private investors investing in real estate was hardly possible in the past due to significant entry barriers. From now KlickOwn invites everyone to invest fully digitally in hand-picked real estate and benefit like a real estate owner. Thanks to KlickOwn investing in real estate has never been easier. From now you can invest and relax. As a KlickOwn investor, you enjoy full flexibility, attractive returns, and a stressless investment process. Every investor will receive interest payments and profit like a real estate owner. The best thing: Your investment is not locked or bound to your name, is therefore completely liquid and can be sold at any given time. Whether professional or beginner, everyone can now invest digitally and securely in real estate. Simply sign up and invest digitally in selected European properties.


Open your investor account within a few minutes and invest fully digitally.

Real Estate

Our team of experts identifies the best real estate investment opportunities in superior European locations.


Enjoy full flexibility and sell your digital real estate assets whenever you want. You always have full control over your investment.

Invest with EUR, BTC & Co.

KlickOwn allows you to invest by paying with Euro or digital currencies (e.g. Bitcoin).
No Fees
No Barriers
Just Smart

Invest Digitally In Real Estate

Invest, relax and benefit like a real estate owner:
Our innovative platform allows everyone, whether beginner or professional, to invest fully digitally in hand-picked real estate - without expensive notaries or bank involved. The convenient and fully digital investment process allows you to invest within a few minutes. After having completed your investment, you can relax, as KlickOwn will take care of everything related to the purchase of the property, property management and managing your investment. With your investment, you benefit like a real estate owner and e. g. from rental income and the value performance of the property. KlickOwn transfers the digital assets, which are directly tight to your investment in the particular underlying real estate project, directly into your personal investor account. Moreover, you can easily sell your digital assets 24/7 on cooperating digital currency exchanges.
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Refer Your Fiends And Earn When They Invest

Our innovative platform for digital real estate investing,, enables investors to invest fully digitally and barrier-free in top-tier European properties. Investors can invest from €10 and get started within a few minutes.
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