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KlickOwn is the ultimate crowd investing platform for blockchain-based investments in real estate. Our team of experts makes investments in European real estate accessible for everyone by applying state of the art blockchain technology. We democratise real estate!
The real estate industry is governed by intermediaries and lacks of transparency. Private investors cannot or can only hardly invest in single, specific and small real estate projects. Moreover, the industry`s complex laws, regulations and taxes lead to a high barrier of entry, further solidifying the dependence on these intermediaries and creating an inaccessible market. We are here to provide a crowd investing platform for blockchain-based investments in real estate, which is globally accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Our Values


The real estate industry is a valuable growth driver in our economy. Its foundation is typically set by the local land registrar and cadastral surveyors, on top of which a well operating market has existed. However, transactions in this market are dominated by banks, large investment funds, agencies, and third parties like notaries and legal entities. KlickOwn gets rid of existing entry barriers and makes investing in real estate easy.

Blockchain - Security

We smartly implement modern blockchain technology to the European real estate ecosystem. We automate processes and eliminate intermediaries, making investments faster, more secure and profitable for both investors and project developers. We offer fully compliant security tokens per every single real estate project.


The KlickOwn platform allows everyone to invest in European real estate projects - secure, fast and simple. We offer international investors selected investment opportunities in real estate. As an investor, you have access to the largest asset class - all just a mouse click away.

Our Milestones

Jun 2019
The KlickOwn AG was founded and a professional team of experts, developers, advisors and partners committed to the success of KlickOwn.
Jun 2019
Sourcing Of Projects
We analyse interesting, available projects and and select the best ones for our investors.
Jul 2019
Q3 2019
Finalising Platform Development
The KlickOwn platform will be released in August 2019. Interested investors can sign up to our newsletter to stay tuned for updates and news.
Q3 2019
Onboarding First Project
We aim to offer the first concrete real estate investment opportunity in September 2019 via our platform.
Oct 2019
Q4 2019
Scaling & Business Development
We will continue scaling and optimising the KlickOwn platform and source new real estate projects for our investors.
Q4 2019


Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs with a successful track record and deep real estate know-how. We have 50+ years of accumulated experience in the fields of real estate, finance, blockchain and technology.
Alexander Braune
Founder & Executive Director
    Alexander Braune is a German certified banking professional, FinTech entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast with special focus on innovative business strategies in the banking, capital markets and financial services sector.
Wladimir Huber
Founder & Executive Director
    Wladimir Huber is a Tech-Entrepreneur with focus on FinTech and data-driven companies with extensive knowledge in scaling tech companies, especially in the area of capital markets, banking and blockchain solutions.
Supervisory Board
Frank W. Kewitz
Founder & Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    Frank W. Kewitz has more than 18 years of professional experience in the European real estate market and a strong track record in structuring real estate funds and asset management.
Philip Moffat
Founder & Member of the Supervisory Board
    Philip Moffat has more than 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and has launched more than 30 IPOs of his holdings in the European equity markets in the areas energy, tech, consumer goods, real estate and blockchain.
Worna Zohari
Board Member
    Worna Zohari is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BGP Group since 1 October 2017. He has held various management positions in the real estate industry for more than 20 years.
Advisors & Investors
Christian Angermayer
    Christian Angermayer is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has raised over 1.5 billion EUR for his portfolio companies and has been involved in more than 40 successful IPO- and M&A-transactions either as an entrepreneur or advisor.
Rolf Elgeti
Advisor & Shareholder
    Rolf Elgeti is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board (also former CEO) of TAG Immobilien AG, Deutsche Leibrenten Grundbesitz AG and creditshelf Aktiengesellschaft. He holds board and management positions and directorships in various other companies.
Andreas Ruether
    Andreas Ruether is a real estate, M&A and brokerage specialist with a track record of 20+ years. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of IG Markets Germany and Director and Chairman of German CFD-Firm Association.

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Are you experienced in business, finance, IT or design or do you have any other skills which might come in handy when joining the KlickOwn team? Let’s get in touch and discuss your resume. KlickOwn always welcomes skilled people with the right mindset.
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